I love cooking, and in a chaotic life, there’s something really wonderful about following a recipe and knowing that, more or less, it will come out the way it is supposed to. There’s also something wonderful about not following a recipe, and making whatever the heck you want!

I spent one summer cooking for my parents, and you can see the results of that project here, on a Tumblr that I really enjoyed making.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I wrote a post about “cooking” good food without a real kitchen.

I used to have more recipes on this website, but I’ve cut down most of them and kept only the best. Here they are.

A great sandwich

Apple pecan tart

Apricot jam(s)

Asparagus and Gruyère bread pudding

A stellar chocolate cake

Bienenstich / Bee-sting cake

Black bean soup with parsley

Caramel cake

Chicken and fennel pie with crème fraiche crust

Épis de blé

Fig newtons

Fried sesame noodles with carrots and broccoli

Loganberry buttermilk ice cream

Masa cakes stuffed with green chiles and cheese

Pickled beets

Potato soup with bacon and chives

Potivica sweet bread

Saffron rolls

Salmon with brown sugar and mustard glaze

Spring vegetable ragout

Swordfish with spiced yellow tomatoes and yogurt sauce

Umami chicken, noodle, and veggie bowl


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