flashback: valley news “school days”.

Once upon a time….

I had never written anything for publication before. But I had an idea: people read about college sports in the newspaper all the time, but they know nothing about the people whose exploits they cheer or jeer. I was a college athlete, and I felt like we were just names and numbers to the public – a tally of points scored in the last game, a time that we ran on the track last week. But that’s not what we were. We were real people who did a lot more than compete. And just to be able to compete took a lot of time and training and diligence. It was fun; it was hard; it was our life.

I pitched the idea of a column about the life of a college athlete to Valley News sports editor Donald Mahler, who met with me briefly and greenlit the idea. The autumn of my senior year at Dartmouth, I became a newspaper columnist, publishing once a week about the lives of my college teammates.

Looking back, I think the column had a lot of good ideas. It’s fun to read. It’s not very well-written – things are a lot more polished now after several years and hundreds of articles of paid journalism. But it’s fun to see where I started. Here’s the list.

Week one: tripping

Week two: the last first day

Week three: is there an I in team?

Week four: succumbing to peer pressure

Week five: homegoing

Week six: balancing

Week seven: moosilauke two ways

Week eight: culinary adventures, or not

Week nine: piney relays

Week ten: tradeoffs

Week eleven: toward the gold rush

Week twelve: the places you’ll go

Week thirteen: running a one-man show

Week fourteen: campers

Week fifteen: season of giving

Week sixteen: sitting

Week seventeen: coastal trail

Week eighteen: ode to oak hill

Week nineteen: on college racing

Week twenty: a lot of whining

Week twentyone: big green vs the world

Week twentytwo: love story

Week twentythree: kick it down a notch

Week twentyfour: state of the ski union

Week twentyfive: epic weekend

Week twentysix: sideline champion

Week twentyseven: 15 things that can happen in a ski marathon

Week twentyeight: loving spring

Week twentynine: back to the grindstone

Week thirty: the last supper

Week thirtyone: I try cycling

Week thirtytwo: I try Tuckerman

Week thirtythree: maybe it is about the bike

Week thirtyfour: first OD

Week thirtyfive: in defense of hanging out

Week thirtysix: the average athlete

Week thirtyseven: graduation

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