at the grocery store.

Here’s a fun, light, and quick story – after yesterday I wrote so much that my brain is broken and I can’t say anything thoughtful anymore – about what it’s like to go to the grocery store in Russia.

The carrots are as big as your hands:


I think this might be mayonaisse in strange packaging, but I’m not sure – also does it have speckled eggs in it!?


And this, I have no idea. maybe olive oil? suggestions welcome:


I bought one of these chocolate bars which has a creepy baby as a mascot:


bags of smoked fish:


and this is also apparently fish-related, although I have no idea what it is:


caviar, of course:


and just whole fish:



everything Sochi-branded, including these little hard bagel-shaped things which we eat like candy (they aren’t sweet though):


finally, I have no clue what this is, but nice packaging:


We have been trying to buy snacks and lunch for ourselves (well actually we plunder the hotel breakfast buffet), but after trips to the grocery store more than once we have been surprised when the things that we buy are completely different than what we thought they were! The adventure continues….

One thought on “at the grocery store.

  1. The documentation of products at the grocery store are wonderful to see! Aj, amazing carrots in yukky styrofoam! The speckled eggs are of quail, so maybe in the ingredients or maybe for eating hard boil quail eggs? Love your funny eye in catching things to share. Keep it coming and nourish yourself! Christa

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