Beach Vacation.

I work on the beach every day, but nevertheless, I am taking a beach vacation.

For the last few days I have been staying at my grandparents’ condo, which is about an hour down the coast from Navarre. They usually rent it out, but this weekend, there were no renters. So I drove over and enjoyed having the whole place to myself and reading a trashy romance novel on the beach. It’s not my usual reading genre, but on the beach, it’s about the only thing you can read. My biggest accomplishment was tanning my legs sufficiently to get rid of my five-year shorts tan.

I also had some great meals. Sunday was the last morning I’d be able to go out to breakfast before work started again, so I wanted to do something special. My original plan was to check out the Hibiscus Coffee and Guest House, but it turned out that Sunday was Easter (when you are all alone, holidays aren’t on your radar), so they had something special going on. Instead, I walked literally across the street to check out the Liars Club Cafe, an excellently-named offshoot of Stinky’s Fish Camp. I got to sit at a bar and had great eggs Benedict. On my list of things to do: learn how to poach an egg.

Tonight I checked out The Red Bar on the recommendation of my uncle Chris. It was a trendy spot and packed even though it was just a Monday night. After asking for a mojito, I chose a shrimp and crawfish dish for dinner. One of the pluses of dining out by yourself: everyone else had to wait 20 to 45 minutes for a table, but I got served at the bar immediately. Ha! And it was great, a fun atmosphere with live music playing in the background.

Vacation is over, so unfortunately my lazy days of lying on the beach and eating food prepared by other people will be a thing of the past. Ah, well, it was good when it lasted – and I finally have a job that pays me enough so that I can take myself out to dinner every once in a while.

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