Head of the Charles.

I went to Head of the Charles! It was fun. I took a bus down to Boston on Saturday evening with Lauren, and we stayed with a friend of hers in Cambridge. We went out to dinner and did city things that we can’t do in Craftsbury – totally great. Then, early Sunday morning, I took Western Avenue over to the bridge and started working my way up the course. That early, it was peaceful and the light was beautiful.

After a morning of spectating pretty much on my own – although I did see Tom Graves for a bit – I ran into a bunch of the Small Boat Training Center folks, which was really fun. It was awesome to hang out with my friends from the summer. Yay! Friends! I felt very lucky and very glad that I had made the trip.

I really enjoyed hanging out and watching the racing. Terrence snuck me into the Cambridge Boat Club, which was fun. Watching a huge sporting event made me very excited for the beginning of ski season – seeing everyone’s excitement added to my own excitement to be racing soon.

I took a lot of pictures. Here’s one of the Dartmouth heavyweights:

And the lightweights:

At the end of the day, the light got beautiful again. It was awesome.

Mostly, though, I was just so so happy to be hanging out with my wonderful, entertaining friends. I love you guys!

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