Best vacation ever

So I had the best vacation ever…:

blog pic 2

I got to see Sean's cabin. This isn't it, but it's on the ridge above his land.

blog pic 1

I got to go hiking in Crested Butte. Here, Sean and I posing in front of the Maroon Bells.

blog pic 3

I got to play an ultimate tournament with my team, newly re-named the Lawn Gnomes.


I got to hike with some great Dartmouth friends: here, Lizzy Asher, Clara Chew, and Dom Winski.


And I got to get on top of a whole bunch of 14,000 foot mountains! This is Holy Cross, outside of Vail.

A few things could have made it better – there were a few people I would have loved to spend more time with – but nothing can be perfect and I think this is one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. It was a nice reward for having made it through college.

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